Monday, September 4, 2017

An afternoon tea.

Ext. Nondescript Sarabat Stall in the City

A breather from day's errand, people watching with a teh tarik.

Abang rider: what's your next drama?

M: ...still writing it, bro.

Abang rider: I missed your film, the one with Rahim Razali and that Alin Aidli Mosbit girl. Eh congrats lah. Bangga orang kita boleh fly the Singapore flag everywhere.
M: ...terimakasih bro.

Abang rider: But I caught your second feature, I don't know the title but it's the one with Aaron Aziz and Ariati Tyeb Papar. Couldn't really understand what's the story about, but I know what you are doing with the visuals. I gotta watch it again lah to really tangkap this kinda treatment without much dialogue. The Europeans have done much like this. I am happy that you are trying something yang tak ramai masyarakat kita buat. Drama kat tv sekarang semua dah merepek ah...

M: ....

(So okay, this is getting awkward, but gerek lah this Abang Rider may understand some film theory, but I still don't know where this conversation is heading to.)

Abang rider: I see that many anak orang kita pergi seberang tambak. Why haven't you done that too? But then again, I think we don't need to be out of SIngapore to fly the flag. Just like what you are doing. Your work travels all over the world, way beyond the causeway. That's good. Kalau semua lari Singapore, who will tell our stories...?

Abang rider checks his messages.

The sugar in the teh tarik making M's throat dry. Perhaps it's the high humidity.

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