Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sayang Disayang on MANJA

The following editorial was published on MANJA magazine prior to the feature film, SAYANG DISAYANG premiere screening in Singapore. The film closes the 4th Southeast Asian Film Festival (11 April - 4 May 2014) at the Singapore Art Museum.

Thank you to the magazine's editorial team. #sayangMovie

MANJA magazine (May 2014, MediaCorp Publishing).

Monday, April 21, 2014

On-the-job hazards

I've always considered what I do for a living as means to pay my bills and I endeavour to accomplish it well with the given circumstances. I still cherish to remain anonymous but sometimes can't help but get stopped by some random member of the public. To be honest, I really appreciate their kind gestures but often, their subsequent pick-up lines leave much to be desired.

Here are some of the amusing s*t I get from these (rather, well-meaning) random folks.
Q: Aren't you (my name)?
Me: Yes, thank you

This affirmation is normally followed by one of the following;
1. Wow you look younger than in mags/paper/etc..!
2. How come you rejected my child/daughter/son in your shows after his/her drama audition?
3. Oh but you look taller..?
4. How come you're riding a yellow bicycle?
5. Hmm, are you sure?
6. I know this very good (insert pyramid-marketing, based product) good for your late night shoots. Want to try?
7. I have a VERY good story for your drama.
8. What happen to (insert artiste's name)? Are they still together/married?
9. What can I do to be on television?
10. How come you never come eat at my stall?

AND perhaps the most classic of all,
11. How come I don't see you act on television anymore?

MANJA (May 2014, MediaCorp Publishing)