Friday, February 15, 2013

Pesta Perdana 12 (nominations)

So here it is again.

The premier event of the Malay television industry in Singapore. The awards to the prestigious PESTA PERDANA 12 will be presented on 1 March 2013 on MediaCorp's Suria channel 8.30 pm.

I am being nominated for directing in the drama series Anakku Sayang “My Dear Child”. Another programme that I directed, Delicatessen II – a food-dramedy-magazine series, is also being nominated.


Nominations for Anakku Sayang are as follows,

1. Best Drama Series
2. Best Directing in Drama (that's moi)
3. Best Actor (Hasif Naser and Hasnul Rahmat)
4. Best Actress (Mastura Ahmad and Fauziah Nawi)
5. Best Supporting Actress (Nurulhuda Ramdzan and Siti Hajar Abdul Ghani)
6. Best Supporting Actor (Izzat Yusof)
7. Best Camerawork (Zamri Paimin)
8. Best Editing (Muhd Effandy Ismail)
9. Most Impactful Scene (audience vote)

Anakku Sayang receives the most number of nominations in the event with 12 nominations. The drama series was produced by DV Studio. (My other drama series 1988... Segaris Sinar holds unbeaten with a record 18 nominations at PESTA PERDANA 10)

Nominations for Delicatessen II are as follows,

1. Best Editing (Fa'in Syah Bahar)
2. Best Camerawork (Harrywanto & team)

Delicatessen II was produced by Fine Cut Media.

CONGRATS to fellow nominees in these and the other categories. As cliché as it may sound, getting nominated is already an honour. It is heartwarming to be celebrated for all the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices we've put in to arrive here. We deserve the party! Thank you DV Studio and Fine Cut Media for the wonderful collaboration.

If you happened to have watched these nominated series, thank you so much for your unending support. You keep me going.

Regardless of the outcomes, I will be having fun at this prom night with the rest of the industry folks. It will be good to catch-up. :)