Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sayang Disayang on Bluray

Sensual debut powered by sights of spicy delicacies and sounds of lovelorn music. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
I am pleased to announce that my debut feature film, Sayang Disayang is now available on bluray format.

The journey to realization of the Blu-ray edition of the feature film SAYANG DISAYANG (Best Asian Film Jury's Prize @ Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival; Singapore's official 2015 Oscars® entry, Best Foreign Language film... among others) has taken sixteen years.

This journey began in 2001. After successfully producing several critically acclaimed television series, I considered that a feature film was the next natural progression, because you see, every film school graduate has ambitions to be That feature film director (...and producer).

Little did I know that the process to create a feature film requires another level of persistence and energy!

The process was close to impossible. However, perhaps driven by the conditioning I had at Hendon Road I pressed on. The notions acquired there that nothing is impossible, of never giving up when the challenges come pounding, of not forgetting your reasons for starting in the first place, of holding on to the beliefs in the face of hurtful social distractions, and finally - importantly - staying true to your voice while reflecting on your original motives when others stop believing, helped me conquer the impossible.

These notions may well sound a little clichéd in today’s cynical world but all made sense during those sixteen years. You grow up. You sieve the doers from the poseurs. The wheat from the chaff. You discover real friends. You quit trying to validate your own worth. You are energised with new found positivity and courage.

Sixteen years also highlighted what it meant to push the bar, especially in Singapore with a film told from the perspective of a Singaporean Malay-language voice.

Cultural narratives evolve. We become culturally regressive when we set our cultural reference to one that may has gone past its use-by date, in my humble opinion. In films, romanticising a bygone era may be sexy, but that sexiness should serve to question ourselves of its relevance. One can choose to go for the tried-and-tested narratives, or brazen with story concept that can sustain its relevance 10, 20, even 50 years ahead.

Thus, the last sixteen years have challenged me with a steep learning curve to climb. Like all film, Sayang Disayang is not flawless but over those sixteen years, Sayang Disayang has been perfect for me. The perfect gift takes time to present itself. The view from the top of the curve is encouraging.

Bluray content
1. Theatrical release (newly colour-graded)
2. Bonus features 1
3. Bonus features 2

Purchase details
SGD$35 each*
*add SGD$2 - local SG postage
*add SGD$7 - international registered postage
*PM/email screenshot of bank transfer receipt
*PM/email delivery address
Bank transfer @ acct no 135-105-819-1 United Overseas Bank Ltd

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