Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bila Larut Malam [In The Still Of The Night] World Premiere

I am pleased to announce that my second film for 2015, Bila Larut Malam (In The Still Of The Night), will premiere on 27 November 2015 at the National Gallery Singapore.

The other film, VOLUPTAS, will have its World Premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival 2015, also on 27 November, at 9.30pm.
In this juxtaposition of P Ramlee's Nak Dara Rindu (Young Maidens' Longing) and Zubir Said's Semoga Bahagia (May You Achieve Happiness), we hear the individual and the national, romantic doubt and decisive confidence. In this film, three women struggle with an acute sense of loss related to the men in their lives, but find new strength amid the sorrow.

Bila Larut Malam is one of three short films (the other two by Singaporean filmmakers, Kan Lume and Liao Jiekai) commissioned for the Gallery's opening celebration, that will make their world premiere. This trio of films inaugurates the Gallery's annual film commission series, which premieres South-east Asian short films inspired by art in the Gallery.

2015 looks set to close with a big bang for yours truly. Alhamdulillah.