Monday, May 18, 2015

Sayang Thailand!

To mark 50 years of endearing diplomatic relations between ‪Singapore‬ and ‪Thailand‬, SAYANG DISAYANG (Singapore's ‪entry at Oscars2015‬: Best Foreign Language) has been invited to be part of this historic occasion. I am much honoured.

A noteworthy entry is 2013's "Sayang Disayang" ("My Beloved Dearest"), the first Malay film produced in Singapore since the city declared independence in 1965. Directed by Sanif Olek, it is the tender portrait of the slowly developing relationship between an embittered, disabled elderly Muslim widower and his Indonesian housekeeper. Frequently prone to burst out in song, the stout maid Murni remains ever cheerful, despite her employer's refusal to accept that her diligent daily preparation of the traditional spicy dish sambal goreng is as good or maybe even better than his late wife's. "Sayang Disayang" won several accolades on the festival circuit, and was Singapore's submission to this year's Academy Awards.
[THE NATION, Thailand]

SAYANG DISAYANG screens on 21 and 23 May at SF World Cinema at CentralWorld in ‪Bangkok‬. More details here.

The spicy sambal goreng and tomyam certainly make delectable company.