Friday, June 18, 2010

A moving letter in support of Ramuan Rahasia.

I'd like to share this which came to my inbox a few days ago. Gestures such as this pushes me on to keep going in this journey.

Dear Sanif

My name is SX and I recently came across news articles about you making our country's first Malay language feature film in 4 decades. As a young Chinese Singaporean who is just about to learn to make sense of his place in this society, I began to realise the importance of reconciling the Malay roots of this country. Your film is very important not only to the Malay community but the rest of Singapore too, who are in a process of questioning and creating our identity, faced with rapid globalisation and the influx of immigrants into our country.

I recently graduated from school, reading Communication Studies in university and was thus exposed to the history of our film industry, which had a vibrant and thriving Malay film industry, something which my parents said they fondly remember. Your Malay-language film may not be similar to films from the Cathay-Keris period but it will bring back sentiments of the older days.

As such, I would like to support by pledging a sum of $50 to support your film. As a fresh graduate, I don't have much resources to offer but the gesture my little amount would be a great honour and opportunity for me to do something meaningful for the film community and for Singapore. Do let me know how I can transfer the money to you.

All the best to the making of Ramuan Rahasa!

A gesture with a big heart. I am moved and truly humbled. Thank you SX, you have given me another reason why I NEED to complete this film.

[NOTE: Ramuan Rahasia needs S$350K to shoot & post-production]