Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pesta Perdana 2011

At Pesta Perdana 2011 (presented March 4), the drama series, Ayah @Rumah "Stay-home Dad", was awarded "Best Director, Drama" for Sanif Olek and "Best Lead Actress" for Sharon Ismail.

It was nominated in the following categories
1. Best Drama: Ayah Kat Rumah
2. Best Scriptwriter: Muzafar M Yusof
3. Best Director: Sanif Olek
4. Best Actor: Osman Sulaiman
5. Best Actress: Sharon Ismail
6. Best Child Actor: Akid Fauzan Boey

Thank you Papahan Films for getting me involved in Ayah @Rumah. I take the award back to that meeting Raihan & myself had at maccas Bras Basah, where we first discussed the direction that Ayah @Rumah should take.

I share this award with Hady A Hamid - the other deserving director!! (We directed alternate episodes).

To Osman and Sharon for working their a*** off on this production, yes they did! To Akid and Nazrie too. To the production crew + technical crew + interns (...too many to mention here, but you kickass mofos know who you are!) for putting it all together. To Yane and his crew for the sofa and World Cup.

It was hard work and much sacrifice. It was not perfect. But the laughter kept us all together :)


This award was presented before the "live" event, ie pre-recorded (...WTH!). Would ceremonies such as the Oscars/Emmys/Baftas/Arias have done that to this award category?

This is the 2nd consecutive award for myself in this category, ie Director, drama series. The first was in Pesta Perdana 10 (2009). In 2005, I received the same award but for a Special Drama category.