Friday, July 29, 2011

An upcoming judging gig

It is always an honour when I get that call to share my experience in television or filmmaking to respective enthusiasts. In the 15 plus years I've been in this industry (since graduating from film school in 1996), I may have not gone through as much as others. My journey is still a work-in-progress, but I look forward to share these pains(!!) and joys I experienced - with the hope that others do not have to go through (again) these pains, or at least not the full yard. And of course, celebrate the joys of creating and collaborating with like-minded creative souls.

I have been invited by the organisers of an upcoming filmmaking event called ciNE65, to be one of its judges. One of the reasons I agree to this gig is that the competition dwells on the Singaporean identity - what is contemporary Singapore and what a rooted, Singaporean is like. I have visited and revisited these themes in all my films.

We are all unique Singaporeans. Come participate and tell our stories, with our own voice. A Malay saying goes, "Kalau bukan kita sendiri, siapa lagi?" - go figure this one out yourself, it's expressed in the Singapore national language!

In studying the final submissions, I personally would like to see something beyond the typically sentimental/rose-tinted/romanticised approach that has flooded local videos/films when such nationalistic/heritage/nostalgic themes are touched on. Just like the national anthem, we progress onward! Majulah Singapura!!   

Let's be clever with originality.

Several videos to serve as notes for filmmakers have been recorded. You can find these videos below. Thank you to the team at Sinema for making me look good :)

Participate. Collaborate. Tell your story, convincingly.