Sunday, January 8, 2017

Green Ummah

Hello folks, especially to my blog followers, my apologies for it has such been a long time since I've posted anything here. I don't mean to be negligent but the last few months I've been tied up work that pays the bills (reality bites, huh). Free days I'd rather be spending sleeping, haha.

So much things happened last year in 2016. Between location recce, firming up concepts, meeting clients, et al, it's become harder to return here and you know, write stuff properly.

Anyway, one of the few worthwhile projects worth mentioning that I did last year was a green project organised by the kind folks at Masjid Mujahidin. I think they have been chasing me for 3-4 months prior before I finally managed to put my thoughts into paper. The inaugural video was eventually released coinciding Ramadan 2016. Alhamdulillah.

Here is an interview excerpt that was published on the mosque's magazine publication MEQAR (2/2016).

How do you hope to contribute to our project?
I am very humbled to be invited by Mujahidin Mosque to contribute to this project. I see this project as an extension of my creative outlet to give back to the community. My previous contribution was 4 short films I made to de-stigmatise acute mental health issues within the Malay community. Caring for the environment is one initiative that I am passionate about.

How will your contribution help move it forward?
I see my strength in the emotive, visual storytelling as key in bringing the project’s intrinsic message forward, ie, saving water in the Dakwah and incorporating it as part and parcel of the Muslim way of life. My experience in internationally, award-winning filmmaking and connection as a Muslim filmmaker is applied to this project to move it forward, In Syaa Allah.

What do you feel about Project #GreenUmmah and what are your views about the video?
Protecting the environment is not just about recycling reusable waste or using less plastic. Being kind to all living things and saving water are two other very important basic initiatives that need to start from the self. The present generation needs discipline ourselves so that future generations can continue to enjoy the available natural resources. Project #GreenUmmah is an excellent initiative to create awareness within the Muslim community of the wider international movement to protect the environment.

What makes this videos cutting edge and different from other outreach videos?
Contemporary audiences are very innovative. It takes more than “hard sell” public service messages to sway them, in my humble opinion. Other than dramatic elements, the video incorporates kinetic motion graphics, thus creating an overall modern approach to the #GreenUmmah message.

How much potential do you think this project has and how far do you see it going?
I set out to conceptualise a public message video that is not only insular that appeals to the local Muslim community. The video shall reach out to the international audience when it goes viral, Muslims and non-Muslims.

And here is the video :)

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