Friday, November 20, 2015

A notable Friday

27 November 2015. 2 different films, 2 different styles but telling the Singapore narrative nonetheless. 

Not too long ago when I was focussing on television and "filmmaking" took a backseat, I recall on few occasions, I've had 2 television programmes telecast on the same week or same evening previously. 

It is gratifying and humbling to realise that yours truly will have not one, but two films that will have their world premieres on the same day, 27 November 2015, on a blessed Friday. Alhamdulillah.

VOLUPTAS (feature film) will premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival 2015. Voluptas stars Ariati Tyeb Papar, Aaron Aziz and Suhaillah Salam (Asian TV Awards 2015 "Best Actress in Leading Role" nominee), with Mastura Ahmad, Mohamed Fadly, Douglas Lam, Girish Pandey, featuring the song track "U Thought" by Mark Bonafide and Taufik Batisah

BILA LARUT MALAM "In The Still Of The Night", 1 of 3 commissioned short films, will premiere at National Gallery Singapore. Bila Larut Malam Seri Jaes, Siti Hajar Abdul Gani, Siti Aishah Ahmad and Aqmal N. 

The stars are being kind to me. MasyaAllah.

See you at the screenings.

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