Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#sayangMovie first award

They say that good things come to those who wait.

Truly, after more than 5 years in film process hell hole, this award came as bittersweet victory for my debut feature film Sayang Disayang. If you have been following my thoughts throughout the journey of the film process on this blog, you might have sense how this little gift at the end of 2013 came as a huge sparkle. This is only the beginning of Sayang Disayang's new phase.

This award is a testament to the perseverance and will to tell an important story of the human condition.

The films showcased in the main competitive section at the festival are multi-genre with respective diverse narratives. All the films are exceptional in their own way. I came to the SalaMindanaw International Film Festival 2013 with zero expectations other than wanting to tell a story affecting all Singaporeans and this region, especially of the elderly and the domestic care. It is also to celebrate the various ethnicities that define the Nusantara. We may share the same food and songs, but our perceptions to one another differ because of the language, geography and (cultural and national) politics.

This is the first major film award for Sayang Disayang. I hope that it will open more doors for the film to be seen by more international audiences because of its universal appeal.

Sayang Disayang has a unique Singaporean voice that needs to be heard to the rest of the world.

Cheers to 2014 and beyond!

BERITA HARIAN (4 Dec 2013, Singapore Press Holding)

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