Thursday, August 19, 2010

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The drama, "1988...Segaris Sinar", about the lives of seven bosom friends who grew up together in an orphanage, received two thumbs up from the Committee as it was a good example of creative story-telling. The MPAC lauded the producer’s efforts to incorporate history into the drama as it looked at how the orphanage, which was set in the 80s, shaped the children’s upbringing and their individual perspectives that subsequently impacted the decisions and choices they made as adults. The drama was found to be well-produced, with good chemistry between the actors and smooth transitions between scenes and plots. In addition, the drama conveyed good moral values such as standing up for oneself and maintained a high standard of Bahasa Melayu.
The Malay Programmes Advisory Committee (MPAC) report, 2008/2010.

1988... Segaris Sinar "Constellations" was conceptualised by reeljuice. A production of Shortman Films, the drama series was directed by Sanif Olek.

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