Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Politically correct

Nationality: Singaporean
Ethnicity: Baweanese-Malay
Religious affiliation: Islam
Full-time National Service: (1989)1991-1993|1st Company|1st Commando Battalion|SAF

I'm shocked and angered upon reading this article. I'm shocked how an individual can be so naive about jihad. More importantly am angered because another blacksheep has jeopardised my freedom as a Singaporean. How much more marginalised do we have to be? Would my family and friends be subjected to further scrutiny because of this?

Don’t let my pictures fool you. I was one of only two Malay boys enlisted to the exclusive 1st Commando Battalion unit that year among hundreds of Malays my age. It has been that way annually eversince, last I heard. Why this (under)representation? Read your politics.

Islam and all other religions are meant to be a spiritual aslyum to all human beings, not to be used as a weapon against one another. All religions are good in their own way. Please do not let Muhammad Fadil Abdul Hamid's case affect your judgement on the rest of Muslims.

Majulah Singapura!

*1989 ratio of Malay to non-Malay recruits 1:150.
1993 ratio of Malay to non-Malays during ORD 1:60.
Both of us ORD together, bodies intact.
The Commandos adhere to SAF safety regulations at all times ;)

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