Monday, April 21, 2014

On-the-job hazards

I've always considered what I do for a living as means to pay my bills and I endeavour to accomplish it well with the given circumstances. I still cherish to remain anonymous but sometimes can't help but get stopped by some random member of the public. To be honest, I really appreciate their kind gestures but often, their subsequent pick-up lines leave much to be desired.

Here are some of the amusing s*t I get from these (rather, well-meaning) random folks.
Q: Aren't you (my name)?
Me: Yes, thank you

This affirmation is normally followed by one of the following;
1. Wow you look younger than in mags/paper/etc..!
2. How come you rejected my child/daughter/son in your shows after his/her drama audition?
3. Oh but you look taller..?
4. How come you're riding a yellow bicycle?
5. Hmm, are you sure?
6. I know this very good (insert pyramid-marketing, based product) good for your late night shoots. Want to try?
7. I have a VERY good story for your drama.
8. What happen to (insert artiste's name)? Are they still together/married?
9. What can I do to be on television?
10. How come you never come eat at my stall?

AND perhaps the most classic of all,
11. How come I don't see you act on television anymore?

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