Saturday, May 3, 2014

BEST MUSICAL FILM for #sayangMovie

If music be the food of love, play on.

Here's something to sing about.

On 1 May, my feature film, Sayang Disayang, has been awarded BEST MUSICAL FILM by the jury at the Mexico International Film Festival 2014. Thank you to the jury.

This is truly unexpected as I have never approached this film as a musical per se. On hindsight I was glad I stuck to my guns in not having background music arrangements - after all why spoil the mood when I have really gifted casts in Aidli Mosbit and Asnida Daud who have really, excellent voices. I made them sing 'live' during takes.

And to think that the Mexicans connected to the songs from Nusantara!

Here's the thing that I learnt while reading the songs with them; it is very crucial that they not just sing them, but they need to emote the lyrics and melodies of the respective songs. Emoting the songs is similar to emoting lines in dialogues. One needs to internalise the songs based on the respective moods required in the scenes. Aidli and Asnida, both of whom have extensive theatre training themselves, rose to the challenge and exceeded the expectations, in my humble opinion! Thank you to these truly gifted ladies.

You will have to witness the magnificent result for yourself in the film.

Film credits to date
Best Asian Film (Jury Prize) @ SalaMindanaw International Film Festival (2013, Philippines)
Best Musical Film @ Mexico International Film Festival (2014)
Closing film @ Southeast Asian Film Festival (2014, Singapore)

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