Thursday, November 25, 2010

End credits 101.

Dear Majesty,

One of the things I've learnt with that film school diploma, subsequently a media & communications degree, was that credits are only given when one actually DOES SOMETHING for/in a production.

Nonetheless YOUR name HAS been included at the end credits in the first place, your majesty. And NONE of your subordinates would dare to overlook that. Oh no.

Did I miss anything, or could there be a fine print in any of those film school texts that say when a project is good/successful, everybody takes credit - or in your majesty's case, to be acknowledged with queen-like grace?

Subsequently, could you banning me from your castle's gates be another one of your majesty's vendetta against those who does the unthinkable - in my case making that mistake of crowding your name in that single page end credit with mine? But I remembered we collaborated and did put those ideas together, turning the programme to what it was, didn't we?

THAT series went on to become the NUMBER ONE magazine show in the network's HISTORY and it apparently set a BENCHMARK for future shows of that genre ...or so I was told.

Whoah, I would never have dared to take your majesty's crown, the seats would be too high for me to come down and mingle with my fellow peasants.

My humble peasant apologies if my fellow peasants missed your royal majesty's majestic name in the credits and chose to acknowledge us, the peasants instead. After all, end credits go too fast, don't they?

Perhaps in future, we can linger on your majesty's name for 3-5 mins, instead of 3-5 secs in a single credit page. But that would eat into the duration for the programme's ACTUAL content. Would it comfort you if the fonts are made bigger to compensate the too-short duration?

The peasants humbly await to be enlightened. Majulah (Melayu) Singapura!

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