Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An invitation to celebrate LOVE.

You are invited.

Sanif Olekʼs LOVE Trilogy kicks off the new Sinema Export!. The LOVE trilogy, comprising of the short films LOST SOLE, À LA FOLIE and AMEEN, have won numerous awards and screened at numerous international film festivals. Director will be in attendance with selected cast. The Q&A session will be moderated by Nicholas Chee, Managing Director – Sinema.

Sinema Export! is a new event programme that will screen award-winning and acclaimed selection of local films. All sessions will be followed by a Q&A session.

Sinema Export! Sanif Olekʼs LOVE Trilogy
Tuesday, 12 October 2010, 8pm
Sinema Old School
Admission is FREE, entry by tickets which can be booked from Sinema.sg

The films in Sanif Olekʼs LOVE Trilogy have been independently produced by reeljuice.

1. LOST SOLE | Bawean, Malay, Hokkien | 17mins | PG
Synopsis: Hj Sabtu discovers to his dismay that his slippers have gone missing after Friday noon solat at Kampung Glam. How far can he go without his sole? The search for his slippers leads to self-discovery.

~~~Awards & Selected Screenings~~~
Best Film on Religion, Int'l Festival of Short Films on Culture 2008, Jaipur
Best Narrative Film, Rahmat Int'l Shortfilm Festival 2008, Tabriz, Iran
Hawaii International Film Festival, USA
Tehran International Shortfilm Festival, Iran
Open Cinema Festival 2007, St Petersburg, Russia
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2006, USA
Montreal World Film Festival 2006, Canada
New York Museum of Modern Art 2006, USA
San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival, USA
Emirates Film Festival, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Indianapolis International Film Festival, USA
Vancouver Singapore Film Festival, Canada

2. À LA FOLIE (LIKE CRAZY) | English, Malay | 12mins | M18
Synopsis: Set on Serangoon Road in Singapore's "Little India" quarter, the mythical characters of Sinta, Arjuna and Rawana from the classic Ramayana text are reincarnated in this present-day postmodern, rock-and-roll remix.

~~~Award & Selected Screenings~~~
Best Short Film, 4th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2009, Indonesia
27th San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival (USA, World Premiere)
25th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (USA)
32nd New York Asian American Int’l Film Festival (USA)
32nd Montreal World Film Festival (Canada)
5th Singapore Short Film Festival
29th Hawaii Int’l Film Festival (USA)
11th Jakarta International Film Festival (Indonesia)

3. AMEEN | Malay, Arabic | 14mins | NC16
Synopsis: Johan is infatuated with Yati and Sharifa, two girls from the Islamic Madrasah school. What exactly does Johan have up his sleeves in order to get the girlsʼ attention?"

AMEEN آمين is defined as a supplication or prayer asking for God’s help. “O Allah, respond to (or answer) what we have said”. (Source: Islamic – Dictionary.com)

~~~ International Film Festivals ~~~
26th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2010, USA (World premiere)
34th Montreal World Film Festival 2010, Canada
30th Hawaii International Film Festival 2010, USA

Thank you, Sinema + Singapore Polytechnic + Singapore Malay Film Society.

*UPDATE* Read the screening review here.

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