Saturday, February 14, 2009

World Premiere: à la folie "like crazy"

à la folie "like crazy" | LOVE trilogy #2 from Sanif Olek on Vimeo.

à la folie "like crazy" - World Premiere @ 27th San Francisco Int'l Asian American Film Festival (12-22 March 2009)

Screening schedules:
15 Mar | 6.45pm | Sundance Kabuki 3
18 Mar | 8.45pm | Sundance Kabuki 3

See details here


Snow White said...


What happen to ur FB??? I wud like to watch tis film Like crazy & Lost Sole. How do I purchase tis cd or dvd??

Sanif Olek said...

Hi Snow white, my FB kena disabled by the administrator. I think they thought I'm a serial spammer for posting too many messages on group pages *argh* i hope it'll be re-activated soon.

Snow White said...

Oic... btw tell me how where to purchase the vcd for lost sole & like crazy???? Can I get at any VCD shops????

Alizah Abdullah aka Snow White

Sanif Olek said...

hi Snow white,
Both Lost Sole and a la folie have not been distributed commercially yet.