Thursday, August 28, 2008

LAST EPISODE - "1988... Segaris Sinar"; 1 Sept @ 9 pm; Suria channel

Kindly look out for episode #8 of "1988... Segaris Sinar" during the first week of Ramadan... where more secrets are revealed and tears wept.

Stars Rafaat Hamzah, Roslan Kemat, Nik Mikail, Rahima Yusof, Melvinder Kanth, Sahfuddin Mahfudz, Taufik Salleh, J A Halim, Rafi Khan, Haryani Othman, Jasmani Basri and Sani Husin.

Find out what happened to the orphans.

1 Sept @ 9pm on MediaCorp's Suria channel. English subtitled. Directed by yours truly.