Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lost Sole shortfilm trailer

How far could you go without your sole?

1 min teaser for the short film "LOST SOLE", filmed in late 2005. This film has dialogues spoken in 3 Asian languages; Baweanese, Malay & Hokien.

Selected and screening at the following film events in 2007 :-
San Francisco Int'l Asian American Film Festival (USA)
Emirates Film Competition (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Swansea Bay Film Festival (UK)
Everglades International Film Festival (South Africa)
Open Cinema Festival (St Petersburg, Russia)
Portable Film Festival www.portablefilmfestival.com

Selected and screened at the following film events in 2006 :-
Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA)
Montreal World Film Festival (Canada)
New York Asian American Int'l Film Festival (USA)
Hawaii International Film Festival (USA)
Tehran Int'l Shortfilm Festival (Iran)
3rd Singapore Short Cuts
Indianapolis International Film Festival (USA)
Queens International Film Festival (USA)
Golden Lion Film Festival (Swaziland, Africa)
New York Museum of Modern Art (USA)
FAIF International Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA)
Short Film Festival of India (Chennai, India)
Santa Fe Film Festival (USA)
Salento International Film Festival (Italy)
Boulder Asian Film Festival (USA)
DC Shorts Film Festival (Washington USA)
Winnepeg International Film Festival (Canada)
Village International D-Cinema Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)
VC Filmfest:The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (USA)
Santa Cruz Film Festival (USA)
Brooklyn Arts Council 40th Intl Film & Video Festival (USA)
Singapore Shorts Film Festival
Malaysian Video Awards

Lost Sole is a reelJuice production

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